La Tipica Melingo

Director: Gilles Le Mao
Genre: Documentary, Live Show


The iconoclast Melingo revisits his cursed tangos with a large orchestra typical of the dances of the 1940s in Buenos Aires.

He is one of the most fascinating artists on the Argentine scene. A singer and actor with a husky voice, Melingo oscillates on stage between Charlie Chaplin and Tom Waits, and has been reinventing the field of tango, that of the underworld and the bad boys, for a long time now, with sharp texts that he propels into the present. “My role as an artist is to put into poetry and music the forgotten people of society. He returns to Banlieues Bleues with the OrquestaTípica, directed by Maestro Juan Pablo Gallardo, who has arranged the Maestro’s music by reproducing, with a highly feminised team, the historical format of the orchestras that made the whole of Buenos Aires dance in the 1940s.

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