Magnetic Ensemble

Director: Josselin Carré
Genre: Documentary


With a forged vibraphone, a prepared piano, a hefty bass, acoustic percussions, a hypnotic drum kit, Magnetic Ensemble concocts an electro music made by odds and ends, and by trance, which owes more to Steve Reich than the dance FM. Led by Antonine Leymarie, the combo preserves the festive spirit, the alchemy and the madness that shake Surnat’, the turbulent big band which it cofounded in 2001, with it more the paroxysm of the trance, rhythmic and melodic. Because the sextet does not propose only songs without words. And when the ovniesque voice of Thomas de Pourquery tumbles to spread out disturbing mantras, Magnetic Ensemble returns the art of the dance as dark as it is joyful. Like life.

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