Year: 2022
Director: Rémi Vinet
Genre: Live Show

An incandescent ethio-trance combo, where the freedom of jazz blends with the raw depth of Azmari sounds.

KUTU, born from the meeting in Addis Ababa of the violinist Théo Ceccaldi with the fusion voices of the two Ethiopian singers Hewan G/Wold & Haleluya T/Tsadik, is a journey to the heart of the feverish nights of today’s Addis underground, where hyperactive youth seize ancestral music to better free themselves from it. From contemporary poems and tribal rhythmic collections, Théo Ceccaldi has imagined a telluric set where improvisation and vocal flights meet, supported by a powerful rhythmic and a line up with contagious vitality: electro-cosmic keyboards, hypnotic bass, exalted dances and stellar voices…

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