Squid – Echoes With Jehnny Beth

Year: 2023
Director: Antoine Carlier
Genre: Live Show


Few young bands are as adored as Squid. For Echoes with Jehnny Beth, the five Brits play their album O Monolith to an audience that has already been won over.

When you type “Squid band” into a search engine, the following headlines pop up: “Squid, emancipated heralds of British post-punk”, “Squid, the British band the world needs”, “Squid, the most surprising octopus from across the Channel”, “We’ve seen Squid live, so it’s safe to say: they still make us dizzy”…

If Google is to be believed, Squid are more messiah than rock band. And having come across the Brits ourselves several times at the Route du Rock (winter 2020 and summer 2023, when they replaced the Viagra Boys at short notice), we have to admit that it’s not far from the truth. The five former jazzmen play rock like no other – combining post-punk, electro, krautrock, ambient and cold wave with disconcerting ease.

It’s this unique style that the five Brightonians present in Echoes with Jehnny Beth, to coincide with the release of their second album: O Monolith.

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