Danyèl Waro, the volcano of Réunion

Year: 2023
Director: Guillaume Déro
Genre: Live Show


His band produces an untouched energy that his voice always rides with the joy of a child launched into the fray! 

Zarboutan liberator of a political and literary maloya that owes him much of his international fame, Waro could have been content in the role of the insurgent statuette. But the poet is by nature elusive.

From fantasies to side-steps, the disheveled Bwarouz has built over the years a reflective and spiritual work that stretches in fonnkèr now less foutan than streamlined, dreamlike, vavanger. But – umpteenth feint of the brigand – if his last discs lengthen voluntarily on long tracks, his concerts remain mounted on pointed spurs!

Implacable ternary metronome, his group produces an intact energy that Waro’s voice, slightly veiled by the years, always rides with the joy of a kid launched into the attack. At Champ Fleuri, as at Plein Air in his kingdom, there is no doubt that he will be a real firebrand!

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