Silence des Sémaphores

Director: Rémi Vinet
Genre: Live Show


Duel in the sun, but as a trio: with saxophonist and drummer, guitarist Csaba Palotaï presents Antiquity, a bewitching new album of wide open spaces observed with a magnifying glass.
“My guitars are all old: I like this moment when I have to struggle to get the sound out” says the Hungarian Csaba Palotaï. In the middle of mental images of deserts and moors of silence, Csaba Palotaï plays the guitar as if he were looking for traces and stories in the dust, with echoes of Bill Frisell or sometimes of Malian blues. With his accomplices Rémi Sciuto and Steve Argüelles, it is like in a western movie: three silhouettes stand out, troubled by the heat waves rising from the road, looking for fossilized traces, ghosts of emotions caught in a gold digger’s sieve.

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