Primavera Festival Barcelona 2014 – Arcade Fire, Pixies, Stromae & More

Director: Samuel Petit
Genre: Documentary


The best independent groups meet at a dream location, nestled between the sea and the frenetic Catalan capital. Arcade Fire, Stromae, The National, The Pixies, St. Vincent, etc. : many concerts footage filmed in the midst of the futuristic architecture of the Parque del Forum, made of metal and concrete. During the festival, the singer Helena Noguerra crossed the mirror, slipping into the skin of a journalist for exclusive meetings with, among others, the legendary Pixies, Seun Kuti, worthy son of Fela, Mogwai, Dr. John, The Ex… Rare moments when these rock figures get caught in the charm of the debutante critic. In parallel, the film follows the epic of Boogers, also a musician. Equipped with a guitar, a microphone and amplified backpack, he wanders in the city and on the site to play songs and crazy covers.

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