Director: Giuseppe De Vecchi
Genre: Live Show


“After several years of collaboration on different projects, Kamilya Jubran, Palestinian singer and oud player, and Sarah Murcia, French double bass player, cross their eclectic universes in a common project entitled “Nhaoul ‘ ” (Loom in Arabic).
 It is a subtle dialogue of strings and cultures that leads to a common language, in the service of Kamilya’s moving voice. Sarah has mastered the quarter tones of the oriental scales while Kamilya has assimilated the most complex rhythmic structures. On stage, they are accompanied by a string trio (cello, viola and violin) which adds a rhythmic precision of great finesse.
 The choice of texts and songs is equally interesting as they include extracts from Bedouin poetry books from the Sinai and Negev deserts, poems by contemporary Arab authors (Hassan Najmi, Salman Masalha) and a magnificent cover of the master of Egyptian popular song from the beginning of the century, Sayed Darwich, Kamilya’s favourite composer.
 Kamilya and Sarah enchant us in this work resulting from an old complicity (source Arte live web).”

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