Nawal and the Women of the Moon

Director: Eric Münch, François Kotlarski
Genre: Documentary


Cesaria Evora for Cape Verde, Mercedes Sosa for Argentina, Miriam Makeba for South Africa … these are the women who embody the voice of their people standing by the power of song and poetry. The small archipelago of the Comoros, located between Madagascar and Mozambique also has a woman who carries her unique and universal stories. Her name: Nawal.

With her “Afro-Sufi-gospel” Nawal is the voice of the Comoros. The UN awarded her the 2014 ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ of her archipelago. A native of the Moroni island, Nawal takes several trips in the Archipelago (Grand Comoros, Moheli and Mayotte) to find what remains of the ancient Sufi traditions with some initiated women: the Women of the Moon. The film offers an intimate portrait of this Franco-Comorian artist through the stages of her latest creation with the women of Mayotte.

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