Malik Djoudi

Director: Samuel Petit
Genre: Live Show


Malik Djoudi has something magnetic: his voice is androgynous, his music ethereal, his lyrics melancholic … Halfway between sad and dynamic, his pieces transport the romantic aesthetic into the digital age.

By combining intimate writing with light electro-pop sounds, Malik Djoudi recalls other singers who equally less afraid to express their feelings: Christophe, James Blake, Etienne Daho, Sébastien Tellier … these are connections that the artist does not deny: Daho’s own voice can be heard on the song “A tes côtés” from his latest album.

In this regard, Malik Djoudi’s discography currently includes two albums: Un-published in 2017 – and Tempéraments – released this year on the Cinq7 label. Applauded by critics, these opuses are a real dive into the psyche of Poitou. Listening to these highly biographical songs gives a strange impression, almost as if you were listening to the confessions of an old friend. An impression of intimacy that comes from a true goldsmith’s work, while at the same time representing something refined and sincere.

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