Year: 2019
Director: Sébastien Bergé
Genre: Live Show


When you work in electro and you have Laurent Garnier as your fairy godmother, you must think that it’s okay, you’re well on your way to success in life. That’s surely what Madben thinks anyway, he who became in a few years one of the darlings of the techno made in France.

First contact with the phenomenon in the hangars of Nuits Sonores. Madben may have been born in Lille, but as far as music is concerned, it is clearly on the side of Detroit that he made his musical culture. Benjamin Leclercq, his real name, shines indeed by a techno both dancing and cerebral which reminds Jeff Mills, Derrick May… Madben is a regular of the Rex Club, famous Parisian club that he makes dance to the sound of his MAAD parties.

Signed to Astropolis, the artist proved last year that he was also at ease in the studio: particularly awaited, his album Fréquence(s) caught the eye (or rather the ears) of many electrophiles. It must be said that the DJ and producer gave us the big game and offered himself nice featuring with Laurent Garnier, Rebeka Warrior, Manu le Malin… At Nuits Sonores, it’s in DJ mode that we listen to Madben – the Frenchman being in Lyon following the invitation of Maceo Plex!

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