Liniker & Os Caramelows

Director: Stéphane Jourdain
Genre: Live Show


Carried by a transgender singer with an amazing charisma, here is the soul sensation coming from Brazil that we haven’t finished hearing about.
It’s not for nothing that Liniker’s band is called “Les Caramels”. Because they are soft, sweet, crunchy, fun, endearing. In less than three years, the Paulists have managed to blow up the YouTube counters to conquer Brazil with their tropical, hybridized soul that fits perfectly in the footsteps of a Tim Maia. Released in 2016, their debut album “Remonta” is a pure masterpiece of “funzy”, the style they created: a kind of languid funk interspersed with hard rock explosions. A mixed and contrasted groove in the image of their native Brazil.

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