Les Brigands

Year: 2011
Director: Martin Fraudreau
Genre: Live Show


The Maître Jacques of the Second Empire always knew how to grasp the spirit of the times: here again, in 1870, he made heard a premonitory “sound of boots” in the famous carabinieri choir! In a world where Italy has a border with Spain, where brigands make the law when the army makes the figuration, where money does not even make happiness but where nonsense sets the tone, Offenbach gives a delightful, ricocheting and panting score. And the duo made up of Jérôme Deschamps and Macha Makeieff, more Deschiens than ever, dynamically delights the scene of the Opéra comique that becomes a palace during the show, a crossroads, a backyard, a hilarious and always musical rhythm: undoubtedly a festive show, but also a concentrate of the ever-present art of Offenbach, a Daumier in colors, served by a distribution of French artists unleashed until delirium! Theater, music, singing (more difficult than it seems), madness, and laughter, laughter that does good in the midst of our much too serious world!

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