Year: 2023
Director: Thierry Villeneuve
Genre: Live Show


With Tomorrow Comes The Harvest, techno producer Jeff Mills celebrates the musical legacy of Tony Allen. A tribute featuring pianist Jean-Phi Dary and percussionist Prabhu Edouard.

There’s no need to introduce Jeff Mills, one of the great names of Detroit techno, always on the lookout for new encounters, experimentation and decompartmentalisation. With such a credo, it’s hardly surprising that the American crossed paths one day with the legendary Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen, also a fervent advocate of open-mindedness and the fusion of genres.

One thing led to another, and the two musicians embarked on Tomorrow Comes The Harvest, an inevitably eclectic project featuring sounds and rhythms borrowed from a profusion of musical styles. With the help of keyboardist Jean-Phi Dary, Jeff Mills and Tony Allen then transposed this album to the stage.

Tony Allen may be gone, but his musical legacy and desire to make Tomorrow Comes The Harvest shine are still with us. So it was that Jeff Mills and Jean-Phi Dary, flanked by the Franco-Indian percussionist Prabhu Edouard, appeared before the ARTE Mix o Trabendo audience. The three artists delivered a powerful performance, which must have pleased the father of Afrobeat.

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