Director: Louise Narboni
Genre: Live Show


Known for its pyramids and circular figures, acrobatics is one of the jewels of the Moroccan cultural heritage. It is to make its wealth known that the Acrobatic Troupe of Tangiers was founded more than a decade ago, a collective of traditional acrobats poured in contemporary creation. After traveling around the world with pieces such as Taoub, Azimut or Chouf Ouchouf, the troupe decided to return to its fundamentals.

In their new creation, soberly entitled Halka, a term that refers to “a festive show in a circle” in Arabic, their acrobatic research draws on the sources of tradition. Through it, the artists express the contradictions of their world torn between sacred and profane, taste for the spectacular and presence of the invisible, authenticity and borrowing. They reach higher thanks to music, between declaimed poetry, song and percussion.

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