Gnawa Fire Music – Archie Shepp

Director: Frank Cassenti
Genre: Live Show


Alongside the biggest names in Gnawa music from Essaouira and Tangier (Mahmoud Gania, Malika Gania and Abdellah El Gourd), stands the great Archie Shepp, who, supported by a sharp and willingly transcendental jazz, does not cease to denounce the injustices done to black people.
 On one side, the gnaouas from Morocco and the city of Essaouirra who seek trance with their legendary percussion. On the other, one of the greatest saxophonists in the history of jazz. Their meeting has more than one meaning: the Gnaoua brotherhoods are descended from sub-Saharan slaves brought to Morocco in the 12th century to help build the Maghreb Muslim empire. Jazz, on the other hand, comes from the sons of African slaves brought to the United States.
 Above all, if the jazz, of me in some of its forms, does not take, contrary to the music gnawa, of religious aspect, the two cross without their approaches at the same time free and rigorously coded. In the urgency, the spontaneity, as in their meditative aspect. In the dance as in the trance.
 Archie Shepp is also honorary president of the Porquerolles festival.

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