Gilberto Gil, The Farewell Tour

Year: 2023
Director: David Daurier
Genre: Live Show


More than 80 years of existence, 60 years of career, 70 albums, and 9 Grammy awards. Gilberto Gil is an internationally renowned Brazilian singer, guitarist, and songwriter.
With his friend Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil is a major figure in Musica popular brasileira (MPB) and the tropicalist movement which opened Brazilian music to Anglo-American influences.
This committed artistic and political approach led the musician to prison and exile. Back in Brazil, he continues to broaden the scope of his musical explorations, from Afro-Bahian roots to popular contemporary forms such as reggae, funk and soul. Appointed Minister of Culture by President Lula, Gilberto Gil is also an ardent defender of the environment, and his ideas leave a major impact on the artistic horizon of his country.

Despite the honors, the awards and the millions of records sold, Gilberto Gil remains what he has always been: a resolutely generous artist. And although he has been touring the world for more than sixty years, he is returning to the road in the fall of 2023 for his farewell tour and to celebrate his 60th career.

Gilberto Gil will be accompanied for this major concert event at the Philharmonie de Paris by his family (Bem, José & João). A place that will be conducive to bringing out even more communion with the public and the Gil family.
An intimate, touching, powerful concert… like the career of Gilberto Gil.

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