Year: 2023
Director: Stéphane Jourdain
Genre: Documentary


Born in the Charentes region of France, Francis Falceto was dazzled by André Breton and the Surrealist movement.
Francis Falceto decided at the age of seventeen to live an unusual life without a degree. In the 80s, with a few accomplices, he created l’Oreille est Hardie and then Le Confort Moderne, in Poitiers. He wrote a page in the history of the French Underground by committing himself in the dissemination of contemporary music and musical bargeries of all kinds.
Still in Poitiers, he stumbled across a vinyl of modern Ethiopian music. A brilliant disc, Ere Mela Mela, performed by Mahmoud Ahmed, that no-one had ever heard before. And for good reason. This music was totally unknown at the time.
He wanted to make it accessible and popular. He rescued hundreds of masters, vinyls and K7s from oblivion. He created a collection that remains unrivalled today, the musical image of an entire country: Ethiopiques.
Ethiopiques Suite Magnétique is the portrait of a discreet and essential man, a plunge into the counterculture, an invitation to live his his life.

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