Django’s children

Director: Frank Cassenti
Genre: Documentary


Manouche music is the music of the journey, with all that this implies in terms of unexpectedness, adventure and freedom. No other music expresses so strongly the feeling of being uprooted and displaced, which is so closely linked to the history of the Manouches, the Romanichels, the Gypsies, the people we call “Travellers”. People” whose attitude is the opposite of the indexed values of our society: conformism, norm, profitability, propriety and all the values of the Cac 40. It is therefore the journey that will be the main thread of the film. The journey of 5 musicians who met on a stage in Le Mans to play without any preconceived ideas until late at night, to leave the next morning for new adventures, new encounters. This concert being nothing more than a stage, a simple step on this long road that leads from life to death, just like the life of Django Reinhardt, their spiritual father.

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