Les Goguettes (en trio mais à quatre)

Director: Rémy Batteault
Genre: Live Show


You don’t like politics. You hate songwriters. You don’t understand irony. And you shun people who wear shirts that are a little too flashy. Beware, because you could still fall under the spell of Les Goguettes (as a trio but with four members).

Because Les Goguettes disrupt the art of humorous parody! Always armed with their faithful piano, but also with gleaming guitars and breathtaking high-end synthesizers, the four acolytes take on French folk in all its forms to deal with questions as diverse as: What future for Edouard Philippe (former French Prime Minister)? How to love yourself in the age of veganism? Was it better before? Is the spare tire an energy of the future? Can we laugh about everything? Even of the Fourme d’Ambert ? Do the Goguettes always show “a salutary impertinence which triggers a beautiful hilarity” as an article in Le Monde claims? You’ll find out by going to see their new show, a show that is super duper consensual, like really consensual to a point you can’t even imagine. It is entitled: “Globalement d’accord” (I pretty much agree).

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