Within Temptation

Year: 2023
Director: Samuel Petit
Genre: Live Show


Between lyrical flights of fancy, guitar riffs and electro influences, Within Temptation’s concert is one of the great events of Hellfest 2023. Let yourself be transported by Sharon den Adel’s voice!

Metal unrefined? Take a listen to Within Temptation and we’ll talk about it again: high-flying vocals, melodies as dark as they are haunting, a highly polished visual universe… The Dutch bring an aristocratic touch to extreme music.

After several years away from the studio and the public eye, Dutch band Within Temptation are back in the news in 2019 with the release of their album Resist. This comeback is accompanied by a change of tone: Sharon den Adel and her henchmen are moving away from the symphonic metal that made them famous, to infuse it with more pop touches. A daring turn, but one that seems to have met with success.

Within Temptation further cemented their synthetic-influenced metal with a single released in spring 2023: “Wireless”, a preview of the band’s eighth album. Between hits and exclusives, the Hellfest audience is in heaven!

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