Urban Dances / Right in the Hood

Year: 2015
Director: Azzurra Lugari
Genre: Documentary


Through cross portraits of young dancers and two cities – New York and Paris – this documentary questions what urban dance is today: the places, the actors, the common points and the differences. By exploring two cities, one the birthplace of the movement, the other crossroads of the new trends, we will discover how street dance has evolved to become a real tool of expression of the difference and of one’s self-worth not forgetting the revolt it imposes sometimes, facing the authorities. It reflects vividly the speed in which the city, which is its laboratory, builds and spreads. It has therefore become one of the fastest growing practices, but also a symbol, an advantage, an opportunity to succeed in life without giving up the protest.Urban Dance, has it become a tool of expression to overcome social boundaries and of the genre? Can it forge an individual or collective identity? Can it have an impact on the social life of the dancer?

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