Un fil à la patte

Year: 2022
Director: Julien Condemine
Genre: Live Show


On the eve of his wedding with the pretty Viviane, Fernand de Bois d’Enghien tries unsuccessfully to break up with his mistress, the music hall singer Lucette Gautier.
But Bois d’Enghien’s future mother-in-law, Baroness Duverger, invites the young woman to sing at the ceremony. Lucette accepts without knowing that the future groom is none other than her lover… To complicate matters, a notary’s clerk “by profession, literary by vocation”, a South American general determined to “kill” his rivals, a man of the world with questionable breath, a former lover and a few freeloaders arrive unexpectedly.
All of them then meet at the Baroness’s who has a hard time keeping her daughter, a young premiere, particularly awake, finding her fiancé much too wise… The misunderstandings follow one another so well that love is hanging by a thread!


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