Trentemøller – Echoes With Jehnny Beth

Year: 2023
Director: Antoine Carlier
Genre: Live Show


Trentemøller, the creator of dreamy, synthetic pop, presents his album Memoria on the Echoes With Jehnny Beth stage.

Trentemøller, first name Anders, is a man of many lives. Before becoming the producer we know today, the Dane tried his hand at many things. It was relatively late in life that he started producing and mixing the kind of music on the borderline between synthwave and experimental that made his name.

First as a duo with Tribag, then solo from 2003, the year he released his first self-titled EP. This was followed by six albums that saw the producer slowly make his way towards more organic and less electronic sounds. His latest, Memoria, released in 2022, flirts more than ever with dream pop and shoegaze.

Accompanied by his band, he will be performing his latest album in Echoes With Jehnny Beth.

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