Tonbruket Quartet

Director: Samuel Thiebaut
Genre: Live Show


Abbey Road Studio 2. This is where this recording was engraved in May 2013 during a three-day session. Seventy-two hours that will forever mark the four Tonbruket musicians since their desire to record in this legendary studio has lasted for many years. The result is up to the expectations of fans of the group of Dan Berglund, the double bassist of the trio e.s.t., but also of all lovers of space-prog-psyche-krautrock-jazz-rock-post light-groove.
Here, no endless solos or “flashy” jazz-rock poses: even if the titles are huge, one could readily speak of “songs”. Also, careful listening of the album reveals the invisible presence of the fifth member, who is none other than the famous studio where so many groups, starting with the Beatles or Pink Floyd – David Gilmour’s shadow seems to hover on some titles – engraved masterpieces of pop. Note also the leading role of guitarist Johan Lindström, very famous in Sweden, whose signature sound to the “lap steel” illuminates the entire album.

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