Tinissima Quartet / Francesco Bearzatti – This Machine Kills Fascists

Director: Stéphane Jourdain
Genre: Live Show


True to his commitments, Italian saxophonist invokes the figure of the anti-fascist hero Woody Guthrie, father of American folk.There was Tina Modotti, the native Friuli revolutionary like him, Malcolm X who fascinates him since childhood, and Monk to whom he gave a rock’n’roll touch. Every time, an iconoclastic (re)reading, mashup style.This time, always with his Tinissima Quartet, Francesco Bearzatti travels in his most singular way, the Beaches of another great author. Woody Guthrie, inventor of the protest song, committed to the neck to the oppressed minorities and in trade union struggles, engraved on his guitar: “This machine kills fascists”. Something to meditate on during these times of great depression.

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