The Supermen Lovers

Director: Sébastien Bergé
Genre: Live Show


“Starlight, have what you neeeeeed!” Unless you lived in a cave in the early 2000s, it’s impossible to have missed the planetary hit by The Supermen Lovers. Rather discreet these last years, Guillaume Atlan’s project comes back to delight our legs and ears. A good electro-disco shot to take at INASOUND. The Supermen Lovers, it’s electro heightened by big disco and funk influences. A concentrate of groove and good vibes: to listen to it, it is to sway. Made famous by the hit “Starlight”, the Parisian Guillaume Atlan has always sailed on the periphery of the French Touch movement. Those nostalgic for that golden age can rejoice: in 2018, The Supermen Lovers is making a comeback. Indeed, although the artist has remained active since 2011 (year of release of the album Between the Ages), it is the tracks “Clock Sucker” and “Eyes on You” that have brought The Supermen Lovers back on the dancefloor. These two tracks are to be found in the EP Clock Sucker, published by Word Up Records.

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