The Chemirani Brothers

Director: Jeremiah
Genre: Live Show


The Cosmojazz has already had the opportunity to invite the family trio Chemirani in 2011, inviting for the occasion the jazz guitarist Sylvain Luc. The strings adventure continues and Keyvan Chemirani wished this time to confront the oriental rhythm of Vincent Segal on cello to the lauta of the Greek musician Sinopoulos, while adding the tablas of Prabhu Edouard or the jazz chopsticks of the Belgian Stéphane Galland. So many genres of music thus reunited, rooted in strong traditions, Ottoman, Indian, Iranian or jazz, played by generous musicians, curious and open, the Cosmo wished to host this new project of Keyvan, as it promises a moment out of time, ranging from meditative and festive, between contemplative and explosive, while still in groove, pleasure and jubilation.

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