Strata East All Star feat. Stanley Cowell, Charles Tolliver, Cecil McBee and Jean Carne

Director: Guillaume Déro
Genre: Live Show


The first notes of Banlieues Bleues 2015 celebrate on stage the mythical label Strata-East, which was also a musicians’ cooperative based in New York and co-piloted by the pianist Stanley Cowell and the trumpeter Charles Tolliver. If the adventure of this label, real oasis which accommodated Clifford Jordan, Bill (father of Spike) Lee and Gil Scott-Heron (for Winter In America) joins in the 1970s, it founds an echo at the amateurs of “spiritual jazz”, mixing poetic creative and soul jazz. Forty years later, its founders, the pianist Stanley Cowell and the trumpeter Charles Tolliver are back in France. And if we refer to the quality of Charles Tolliver’s last year’s concert at Banlieues Bleues there, this opening is promising. Especially as to perfect the crew, the singer Jean Carne, legendary muse, will be there.

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