Steven Bernstein Sexmob

Year: 2011
Director: Samuel Thiebaut
Genre: Live Show

Musical director of the famous Lounge Lizards who introduced him at the turn of the 80’s this mixture between jazz, pop and rock avant-garde became the base idiom of the post contemporary jazz scene, the New York trumpeter Steven Bernstein has always applied himself to overhaul a great movement of democratic irreverence all genres and styles established to reflect as closely as impulses and pulsations of our globalized world in eternal redial. He revisits today ellingtonian jungles or ventures into the small baroque theater jingles of Nino Rota, Bernstein, now head of the group Sex Mob, remains resolutely faithful to this hybrid aesthetic, both popular and experimental .
Heretic mixture of free jazz and noisy rock, of mutant techno jungles and pop melodies, of New Orleans R’n’B and covers of film music or TV series, his music sounds more than ever as the funny and corrosive “soundtrack ” of our cosmopolitan era, interconnected and gently disoriented.

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