Stand High Patrol

Director: Adeline Chahin
Genre: Live Show


Discover the revolutionary dub sound of the ” Dubadub Musketeerz ” Rootystep, Mac Gyver, Pupajim at the Vieilles Charrues festival ! 

Over the years STAND HIGH PATROL has developed a particular and innovative dub that shakes up conventions and integrates a wide repertoire of personal influences. This style called “Dubadub” is defined as a mixture of dub, Hip Hop, bass music, and digital reggae; the whole sprinkled with accents trip hop, techno and new wave. Composed of their own identity, a unique style and a good dose of improvisation, each performance of the group is unique. Roostyspet, Mac Gyver and Pupajim ignite each of their performances with unique and calibrated performances.  

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