Sextile – Echoes With Jehnny Beth

Year: 2023
Director: Antoine Carlier
Genre: Live Show


Angry as punk, relentless as techno and soaring as new wave: Sextile’s sound takes over the Echoes With Jehnny Beth stage.

On first hearing Sextile’s productions, you might well wonder where such music comes from. The London of the Sex Pistols? Ellen Alien’s Berlin? Joy Division’s Manchester? Well, none of the above, because the band formed around Melissa Scaduto and Brady Keehn hail from Los Angeles.

But while their base camp is indeed in the City of Angels, you can’t really say that their music oozes sunshine, coconut palms and skateboarding on Venice Beach. Formed in 2015 after its members met in rehab, Sextile shows a definite taste for excess. The vocals chant, the intruders tap, the synths scream for a sound that sails between genres without beating about the bush.

Their latest single, ‘Crassy Mel’, is a perfect example: from a post-punk electronic verse we find ourselves headbanging to a Prodigy-style big beat.

Their appearance on Echoes With Jehnny Beth is sure to leave no one unmoved.

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