Schärli & Zytynska «duoplus» mit Charlotte Hug

Year: 2020
Director: Carine Zuber
Genre: Live Show


Sylwia Zytynska and Peter Schärli have been playing together for twenty years in a variety of projects: They have taken part in a number of live sound installations together, provided the sound in the German-Polish border town of Görlitz/Zgorzelec with other musicians as part of a large-scale project, and Zytynska also plays in Schärlis’s regular group ‘Sound Experience’ (with Lauren Newton – voc, Sylwia Zytynska – perc, Jean-Jacques Pedretti – tb, Peter Schärli – tp). For several years now, they have also been performing as a duo, Schärli & Zytynska, with growing success. The idea for their new Schärli & Zytynska ‘duoplus’ project grew out of this work, and was extended to include Charlotte Hug, who had already played in the ‘Mais’ trio with Peter Schärli in the late ’90s.

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