Director: Sébastien Bergé
Genre: Live Show


Roscius’ samples make bodies dance and minds travel. How do they do it? By weaving a hypnotic electro where you can hear didgeridoo, latin brass, arabic strings and asian sounds. This world tour in music is done with delicacy, by touches. An invitation to travel to which the INASOUND festival has responded.

Listening to Roscius’ music, one could believe that his music is made by computer. It is however from real musical instruments that the Frenchman elaborates his pieces. Armenian tambourines here, Asian gongs there, all linked by sampling and a good dose of improvisation: it doesn’t take more to create hypnotic and exotic sound cathedrals. This musical richness has a simple reason: Roscius has travelled a lot. Asia, Europe, the Middle East… For each country visited, the artist brought back a sound, a rhythm, or even a musical instrument. From the Berlin clubs to the Lebanese bazaars, everything inspires the man who in the city answers to the name of William Serfass. Even if it is in live that the talent of Roscius is most appreciated, the Londoner of adoption has already published two EPs: wmd#1 and wmd#2. Two nuggets teeming with inventiveness to be listened to with chakras wide open.

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