Rislane & The Lovers

Director: Carine Zuber
Genre: Live Show


There’s heat, there’s spice. There is honey with spice. There is depth and authenticity. And there’s something mysterious. All of this resonates in the multifaceted voice of Rislane El Harat. The Swiss-Moroccan born in Geneva in 1988 creates with her band Rislane And The Lovers a velvet soul of the 70s and mixes it with the current pop aesthetic. In her songs, the singer and composer deals with personal experiences, encounters, fantasies and desires. Thanks to the signs of the times, Rislane and The Lovers has rearranged her album for an intimate concert setting.
or an intimate concert setting. They’ve swapped the lively horns for a solo trumpet and the big guitar notes for jazz chords. On top of that, Rislane’s voice – close by. An evening not to be missed.

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