Renaud Garcia Fons

Director: Frank Cassenti
Genre: Live Show


An internationally recognized virtuoso double bass soloist, he is one of those musicians who are at one with their instrument.
 His lifelong dream is to make the double bass a universal instrument that stands on its own. Very early on, in close collaboration with his luthier Jean Auray, he decided to add a fifth string to his instrument. Forging his own technique, he developed a language that belongs only to him and a unique style, immediately recognizable.
 Close to the tango tradition, the Mediterranean is his main source of inspiration. His numerous collaborations with partners as diverse as varied lead him to mix the sounds of his instrument with the music of the Balkans, the Maghreb, the Near East…
 Oscillating between multiple musical influences (classical, jazz, world music), he performs in the largest Jazz and World Music Festivals, also illustrates himself as a composer and multiplies awards.

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