Quatuor Zaïde & Kendal play John Carpenter

Year: 2023
Director: Nathan Benisty
Genre: Live Show


Classical and electro by the Quatuor Zaïde & Kendal to cover film music in the Variations collection!

What makes the Zaïde Quartet so special? It’s one of the few all-women quartets! And the four musicians have established themselves as leading figures in chamber music, performing all over the world. And the public can also find the quartet on record: their 7th and new album “Invisible” (2023) is now available.
Producer and DJ Kendal from Toulouse prefers “the sharing that comes with mixing”. Attracted to electronic music from an early age, he first composed instrumentals before moving behind the turntables. And his tracks, though technical, are sure to get people dancing!
The Quatuor Zaïde, accompanied by Kendal, beat out the tempo of tracks from John Carpenter films!

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