Director: Denis Caïozzi
Genre: Live Show


Planites, a live manual of how to dance migration movements and all that follows.

Hooray! – Opa! in Greek in the text – that was the shouting you could hear in 2009 in Patricia Apergi’s performance. A way to find and express a feeling of national pride in a broken country. The Greek choreographer takes up the story where she left it. After exploring the inside, she explores the outside. This time, she gave birth to “Planites” and to those who like planets never stop turning, wandering, migrating, trottering. All of those who carry around their belongings and put them wherever they can. To make it real, the choreographer stopped in Barcelona, on the flamenco side, in Dublin, on the Celtic side, and in Lyon, on the African and Oriental dances side. The result: a performance going back and forth between these traditional writings and their physical and chaotic movements. On stage, five dancers, 5 overheated boys, steeped into different cultures.
A contemporary performance, resolutely committed.

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