Petit Paysan

Year: 2022
Director: Yvan Benedetti
Genre: Live Show


The author/director Yeelem Jappain is interested in rural life and the world of farmers, and in this play she tells the true story of a farmer in Saône-et-Loire who was killed by the police. She tells us the ineluctable race of a young farmer of 37 years towards his tragic destiny. Baptiste, crushed by the norms of an industrial agriculture that he does not understand, fights mercilessly for a little freedom. He is supported by his sister Céline and her husband Paul. But the cogs that destroy him will also get the better of these relationships. Through this central trio and the deterioration of their ties, we understand the full extent of the drama that is being played out. Throughout the play, a “peasant chorus”, made up of documentary words collected during the creative process, will punctuate and echo the story of Baptiste.

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