Director: David Ctiborsky
Genre: Live Show


Everything in them transpires the influences of the New York post-punk scene, and yet it is not from the big apple that Ought comes from but the beautiful province.

However, if their rear base is located in Montreal, none of the four Tim “Beeler” Darcy’s band members are Québécois nor even Canadian. Composed of 3 Americans and an Australian, former roommates, Ought releases in 2014 an album that draws the contours of a nervous rock carried by the charisma and the casualness of their singer. Contours filled the following year by the release of Sun’s Coming Down that sits the group on heir throne of Talking Heads and other Television.

But none would say that as high as the throne can be, one never sits on other than his behind. That’s why the gang does not spare their august posterior to stir yours on the stage of the Gaîté Lyrique for ARTE Concert Festival.

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