Year: 2023
Director: Xavier Reim
Genre: Live Show


Headed by guitarist and multi-instrumentalist John Dwyer – whose solo project Osees was originally – the band has made super-productivity its spearhead. Since its formation in 2003, the band has released some thirty albums. With each new release, Osees endlessly renews its compositions.

This metamorphosis extends right down to the band’s name: before taking the Osees moniker, the group operated under the acronym OCS, then the names Oh Sees, Ohsees, The Oh Sees, The Ohsees, Thee Oh See’s, Thee Ohsees… When it comes to pseudonyms and productions, you’ve got to stick with John Dwyer’s band!

On stage, Dwyer’s unique vocal signature mingles with explosive drums and the fury of electric guitars. With raw energy, the rockers deliver psychedelic garage-rock made in California at every performance. Route du Rock festival-goers, get ready!

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