Orchestre National de Jazz – 30 ans!

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“In the early 1980s, Maurice Fleuret (1932-1990), director of music and dance at Jack Lang’s Ministry of Culture, considered that jazz, like other arts, was entitled to support from the institution. The ONJ gave its first concert on February 3, 1986 at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées under the direction of saxophonist François Jeanneau. Since then, 155 musicians have been members of the orchestra, and a hundred more have been invited. With complete freedom, this creative orchestra has had, according to the changes of conductors, the most varied forms. Reflections of classical jazz here, turns towards rock or pop there, contributions of contemporary music or world music. Artistically, everything was and still is allowed.
 One composition per conductor, taken from the repertoire of the ONJ that they conducted. After a few memories entrusted to Arnaud Merlin, music critic, journalist and producer at France Musique, the time came for a quick change of stage. The order of arrival in the ONJ is that of the entrance on stage: François Jeanneau, Antoine Hervé, Claude Barthélemy, Denis Badault, Laurent Cugny, Didier Levallet, Paolo Damiani, Barthélemy again – he had the position twice -, Franck Tortiller, Daniel Yvinec and finally Olivier Benoit. Remarkably, this ONJ increased for one evening finds the sound, the reliefs of the various orchestras while having its own coherence. Far from a celebratory parade, a great musical festival.”

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