Opus 14

Director: Jean-Marc Birraux
Genre: Live Show


“I took a retrospective eye and I wondered where it had gone.”- Kader Attou
Opus 14, the choreographer’s fourteenth show goes back on his twenty-year career. Kader Attou offers a breathtaking piece by the talents of sixteen dancers.
For over twenty years, Kader Attou has drawn the choreographic movements of the Accrorap company. From “Athina” in 1994 to “The Roots” in 2013, Kader Attou has become a recognized hip-hop choreographer, so much so that he was appointed the Director of the National Choreographic Centre of La Rochelle in 2008. In 2015, the choreographer takes stock of this course and says: “I took a retrospective eye and wondered where it had gone.”
An Introspection that takes the form of a play, “Opus 14”. The show brings together six dancers to offer a spectacular hip-hop, without narration, but a dance in its raw form. According to Liberation, “without speech, without a message, Opus 14 offers a colorful group with a selected vocabulary into slow motion suspending the time.”

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