Omar Sosa – Tribute to “Kind of Blue” / Miles Davis

Director: Samuel Thiebaut
Genre: Live Show


To tackle a mountain like Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue, there are two solutions: to take it head on and risk getting lost. Or go around it with inventiveness. Omar Sosa chose the second option. Pianist with a vast discography and inexhaustible inventiveness, the Cuban has deconstructed all the components of Miles Davis’ masterpiece to recompose them in his own way. Following the spirit rather than the letter: the approach makes sense for a musician filled with spirituality like Omar Sosa. On the program, therefore, no Latinized “So What”, no Africanized “All Blues”, no rehashing of John Coltrane’s solos, but a new experience crossed by a quiet groove, bursts of electronics and impressionistic winks to the original record.

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