Nina Simone : Resonances at the Panthéon

Year: 2024
Director: Sébastien Lefèbvre
Genre: Live Show


An unmissable musical tribute to Nina Simone. This exceptional event pays tribute to a famous American musician who ended her life in France! An emblematic figure of jazz, Nina Simone is a must-see woman whom the Panthéon invites us to (re)discover this month… A unique musical sequence filled with emotion!

In this monument where many celebrated personalities fought for the abolition of slavery, six artists rearrange highlights of the repertoire in their own way. ALA.NI, Patrice, Celeste, Kareen Guiock Thuram, Kham Meslien and Youn Sun Nah conjure up effluvia of grace, while the aura of the late great lady seems to soar beneath the dizzying dome

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