Melingo invite Juliette, Vinicio Capossela + Andrés Calamaro.

Director: Nathan Benisty
Genre: Live Show


But who is Melingo? 
 The Argentine incarnation of a Tom Waits or a Nick Cave? The phantasmal voice of the suburbs of Buenos Aires? A vagabond tanguero with a rock spirit, in love with poetry and freedom? 
 Undoubtedly a little of all that. He is above all an unclassifiable, protesting and radical artist whose music reinvents for us a world with surrealist allure.
 Mythical figure of a musical landscape shaken by the years of dictatorship, Melingo is a tireless traveler. From Brazil at the end of the 1970s to the Spanish movida, where irreverence became a way of life, he ended up returning to his own roots, to this rough and wild tango where the slang of the thugs at the beginning of the century mingles with romance, the blues and the worlds of Borges or García Lorca.
 On stage, he becomes an actor. Melingo tells us his stories, his characters, half vagabonds, half brigands, in an interloped atmosphere where milonga dancers and little marlous meet and challenge each other.
 Surrounded by the eccentric Italian singer Vinicio Capossela, the irresistible Juliette, and other surprise guests, Melingo offers us a closing concert where the tango shakes you up and charms you under the features of a whimsical and seductive master of ceremony.

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