Jupiter & Okwess

Year: 2022
Director: Guillaume Déro
Genre: Live Show


For several years now, Jupiter & Okwess have been touring the world’s stages to reveal their superpowers, those of the rhythms of the Congo mixed with rock and funk, ready for all musical marriages and all invitations. After the success of Kin Sonic in 2017 and the 280 concerts that followed, General Rebelle and his pyrotechnic companions return with the Na Kozonga project, an explosive musical discharge that bewitches the body and nourishes the spirit. Na Kozonga, which means “return home”, pays tribute to the common roots that unite Africa and the American continent. From the samba of the Carioca Rogê to the rap of the Brazilian pioneer Marcelo D2, via the brass of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band of New Orleans, Jupiter & Okwess are not afraid of unusual fusions, nor of the wildest journeys.

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