Year: 2023
Director: Sébastien Lefèbvre
Genre: Live Show


The British band Jungle and their ultra-funky music are setting CENTQUATRE-PARIS alight to celebrate the release of Volcano, an incandescent new album. Far from the jungle and drum’n’bass that its name seems to promise, Jungle cheerfully mixes funk, disco, electro, soul, pop and hip-hop in an explosive cocktail with an irresistible euphoric power. Unclassifiable, this music filled with a hedonistic fever invites you to dance until the end of the night. The experience is best realized with Volcano, a new album, with 14 tracks. On a triumphant path since its first eponymous album, Jungle (2014), the group has won over everyone, the public and the critics alike. Led in the studio by the founding pair, Tom McFarland and Josh LloydWatson, it adopts an expanded configuration on stage – integrating other instrumentalists and backing singers – to offer a show that is as immersive as it is festive.

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