Jun Miyake

Director: Samuel Thiebaut
Genre: Live Show


“The guide of this adventure is a well-kept secret in Japan, and maintained in Paris where he has been living for several years. His name is Jun Miyake. 18 albums in 30 years, mixing worlds that one would have thought antagonistic, to create a single one, his own. A plural and singular world at the same time which knew its first stammerings through jazz, and was forged in the prestigious music university of Berkelee in the United States. I was 12 years old when I discovered this music, it was like an electric shock,” he says. For ten years, I didn’t listen to anything else. Until one day, back in Tokyo, I heard a Miles Davis concert. When I saw that he was unable to take a new direction, I said to myself that jazz was dead! It was a heartbreaker, but I turned to all the music I had neglected. That’s when I was offered to compose for commercials – an environment that was open to experimentation at the time. From this came the hybrid language that I use today. For the image that his music creates or accompanies, the list of his collaborations speaks for itself: Jean-Paul Goude, Oliver Stone, Bob Wilson, Philippe Découflé and Pina Bausch, whose choreography he envelops in his latest show Vollmond as well as in Wim Wenders’ film Pina (this film was awarded the ARTE Prize for the European Documentary of the Year). Miyake’s universe, where Bulgarian voices, pop singers, string quartet, Brazilian tempos and electro effects meet, induces enchantment.
 This stage presentation, a first in France, is therefore a natural part of the TEMPS D’IMAGES cycle. This concert by Jun Miyake is an opportunity to express the connivances between Tokyo and Paris.”

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