Juditha Triumphans by Antonio Vivaldi

Director: Stéphane Lebard
Genre: Live Show


Music by Antonio Vivaldi
Libretto by Giacomo (Iacopo) Cassetti
Musical Direction by Markellos Chryssicos
Stage direction by Thanos Papakonstantinou
Orchestras Armonia Atenea and Il Pomo d’Oro
Children’s Choir of the National Opera of Greece

Juditha triumphans is based on a Latin libretto by Iacopo Cassetti, itself inspired by the Old Testament Book of Judith. The Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar sends his general Holofernes to conquer the city of Bethulia in Israel. To save her fellow Israelites, the courageous Juditha decides to seduce Holofernes. When he falls asleep, she cuts off his head. Juditha triumphans’ is the only existing oratorio of the four Vivaldi composed. The intense atmosphere of war can be heard in the dramatic choral parts, and the faith and integrity of Juditha through the lyrical and tender writing. Noteworthy is the use of many rare instruments, such as viola d’amore, chalumeaux and theorbo in the work’s most significant moments.

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